Asian Games 2018: Arpinder Singh Makes Father Proud With Gold

Asian Games 2018: Arpinder Singh Makes Father Proud With Gold

Asian Games 2018: Arpinder Singh Makes Father Proud With Gold

Triple jumper Arpinder Singh and women’s heptathlete Swapna Barman won India’s 10th and 11th gold medals respectively at the GBK Stadium last night to equal its 2014 Asian Games tally of 11 gold medals.

Both Arpinder and
Swapna didn’t seem to struggle en route their top spots. While Arpinder’s 16.77m distance, covered in his third jump, was enough to give him gold despite three failed attempts, Swapna, who was the overnight leader in the seven-event competition held over two days, collected an aggregate 6026 points to clinch top honours.

Arpinder isn’t pleased
Arpinder, 25, who has a personal best of 17.17m, admitted he wasn’t pleased with his performance, but was happy with the medal nevertheless. “I was going for the National record [17.20m], but I got dehydrated and so my last three jumps went awry,” said the Sonipat athlete, who had a funny tale to narrate about how he took to the sport. “My father was in the army. He was a kabaddi player and wanted me to be a sportsman too. He kept pushing me. I started with 100 metres, but failed. Then I tried the 200m and failed again. After failing in the 400m too, I decided to take to jumps and finally took a liking to the triple jump,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kolkata girl Barman, 21, sported a very prominent and broad plaster across her face, she revealed it was due to a tooth problem. “I like to eat a lot of chocolates, so my tooth has gone bad and with it, the gum is also troubling. I was in immense pain before my event but somehow made it,” she said. Interestingly, while most athletes seek handsome cash awards after winning gold medals at international events, Barman had a unique plea.

Swapna’s plea
“I have an extra toe on both feet so whenever I wear shoes — be it normal sports shoes or spikes — it hurts me a lot. Today, I was in a lot of pain. I would like to request any company out there to customise shoes for me with which I can comfortably compete and bring greater laurels for my country,” she said.

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