Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: A big setback to AAP, six office bearers resign, know why

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: A big setback to AAP, six office bearers resign, know why

Before the Lok Sabha elections,the Aam Aadmi Party has been stunned in Chandigarh. Six dynamic pioneers have sent renunciation to party boss Arvind Kejriwal. The reason is that the gathering’s undemocratic course of action, because of which he made this stride.

Among the individuals who left the gathering are the Chandigarh Campaign individuals and your representative Satbir Singh Walia, general secretary and battle council part NS Dhaliwal, general secretary Satish Mowhal, joint secretary Kala Das, official part Rogleen Kaur and Ravi Mani are among the individuals who left the gathering.

Satbir Walia hosts claimed that the Aam Aadmi Get-together has shaped a partnership with Akali Dal (Taksali) in Punjab, which is against gathering’s strategies. The Akali Dal (Tiksalis) have been made by the individuals who are blamed for the blasphemous custom. Along these lines, there is huge fierceness in the grassroots pioneers of the gathering. He has likewise brought up issues on the Campaign Committee of Chandigarh.

Harmohan Dhawan charged with arbitrarily

Secretary General Satish Mowhal told that when the gathering reported the choice to make Harmohan Dhawan a competitor, at that point it was said at the time that every one of the general population would battle together, yet not at all like that occurred. Dhawan is conveying with his elderly individuals as it were. In the gathering of the gathering, your official individuals are not requested to do as such. Nor is meeting with anyone sitting together.

Your pioneers were continually disregarded. This was the explanation for the 25th January rally being floppy. The individuals who quit the gathering have additionally blamed the arrangement for Prem Garg, the treasurer of your decision. Gripe that Prem Garg lives in Panchkula, however the Kannerar has been made him Chandigarh. We have left the gathering because of such reasons.

Gathering traditionalist Prem Garg says that Satbir Walia was a representative of Punjab. There was no real job in Chandigarh. The staying five valentians were extremely persevering. They are sorry to learn. The gathering never overlooked them. There is a finished expectation that they will consider their choice once more.


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