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New initiative: Punjab University will now have 10 bundles of Ph.D.

New initiative: Punjab University will now have 10 bundles of Ph.D.

To prevent waste of paper, Punjab University Chandigarh is making many plans. Now in the same link, the number of Ph.D. paper is going to be reduced. Candidates who did the first PhD were required to deposit ten bundle papers but now only four bundle paper will be submitted. This will save a candidate from five to six thousand rupees. Also the paper will not look too much. With the new academic session, this plan is set to be taken up on the ground.

The UGC will also be called a plan so that the scheme is implemented in other universities too. Looking at the data, PU has more than 700 research scholars. Every year more than 150 scholars collect their handsets. The first ten bundles were to be given to the paper. That is, ten copies of the research paper were deposited. There are approximately one thousand copies per copy. These papers are spent up to ten thousand rupees. The candidate also has to work harder. There is also a waste of time.

Keeping this in mind, Punjab University has decided to reduce the number of papers. The benefits of this PU scheme will be available to 400 to 500 candidates every year. If this scheme is adopted by other universities, then lakhs of PhD scholars will get benefit every year.

Must write back to back
The departments and offices are still being written on one side of the paper. The other side is empty. This is also a waste of paper. PY is also taking steps to prevent this. For this, a monitoring committee will be formed which will look into it. If an office or department does not follow the papers, the action will also be taken into force.

The agenda of the Senate meeting may be to
spend 40 to 50 lakh rupees per year in preparing the agenda of the soft Senate and Syndicate meeting. Keeping this in mind, P.U. is preparing to send the Senate agenda in the form of soft copy to the members in the first phase. If the demand for a member is hard copy of any point, hard copy will be provided to the concerned member.

P.P. is moving towards the paylas plan. The waste of paper is not high, hence the PhD paper will also be deposited in four sets. This will also provide great relief to the candidates.
— Pro. Karamjeet Singh, Registrar P.U.

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