Pu will stay in the colleges of Punjab, but will stop the SC-ST students' degrees

Pu students get golden chance to complete the degree, pay fees

Pu students get golden chance to complete the degree, pay fees

The students of Punjab University and subsidiary schools, who couldn’t total their degree in any way, shape or form, have been given another opportunity for this. To finish the degree, they will probably take the missed tests by paying fixed expenses. The program will be discharged soon for this. This choice was taken in the syndicate meeting on Saturday. Around five to seven thousand understudies will profit by this choice.

In the first semester, just two odds of giving an opportunity were given after the reappointment. Presently till sixth semester in BA, any understudy can give any semester test. Aside from this, Syndicate has likewise cleared this is only an opportunity in which any understudy of any semester can give examination. The most essential thing in the gathering was that the standards of the PhD did not change. Furthermore, there was a proposition to change the guidelines of the PhD, other than the expansion in the pay of agreement instructors to 50,000, yet no discourses were talked about.

Amid the gathering held at Punjab University, the lodgings of Hoshiarpur Regional Center have additionally been endorsed for 24 hours. The young ladies of Hoshiarpur Regional Center had come to give the reminder to the Syndicate on the issue. In this, he requested that we also be permitted to come on the lines of Punjab University for 24 hours. Aside from this, exchange on offering movement to law understudies was likewise examined. In which the movement permitted amid the extraordinary case, an understudy has been permitted in the gathering which is experiencing malignant growth. Authorization was given to wipe out MSc IT and BA course in Guru Govind singh College for Women Sector 26 in the gathering. It is striking that the quantity of understudies of the two subjects in the school was exceptionally less, because of which the school has been permitted. Aside from this, Bhai Singh Khalsa College has BA, BSc, BCom, f Hindi Punjabi and history have not been permitted to begin. The school had requested to begin these courses however because of the nonattendance of the standard, they were not permitted to do this course. In the meantime, it was considered to give look into focus to Rath Bahara Educational Trust, yet because of absence of legitimate gear the school was additionally stopped.

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